Managed Services.

What are Managed Services?

Managed Services are IT services that a service provider provides to a company or organization. These are recurring services that are precisely defined in terms of scope and availability. Services to be delivered may include applications, network services, storage, security, or IT infrastructure monitoring.

Managed services are not classic outsourcing, as only parts of the business are outsourced in order to reduce the workload of the employees. You retain control over the overall IT structure and IT processes.

What Managed Services we offer?

We support you in operating and further developing your existing AWS cloud.

Companies today are confronted with a constantly changing environment and requirements and we help you to adapt to the new circumstances as quickly as possible, for example by introducing new services that support you in your daily work.

Our expertise in managing AWS saves you the need to train and educate your staff in the use of the cloud, so they can focus on their core business. This can save high costs not only for large companies, but also for medium-sized businesses.

The management of the services includes recurring services as well as the continuous updating and monitoring of your existing services and infrastructure, but also the further development of your existing AWS cloud.

Management Level.

Determine your individual service and support for each of your components. In this way, you define exactly in which areas you would like to retain sole control and which tasks you would prefer to delegate to us. In this way you remain agile without losing focus on your core business.

We share administrative rights with you, debug your system and server services, and proactively notify you of available security updates. This option allows you to maintain control of your system and respond quickly to business changes without having to set up your own costly on-call service.

You receive the respective service completely as a service and we take care of all subordinate levels professionally. This management level frees you completely from the complexity of the respective service. You simply use your desired function and we take care of the rest. In this way, we enable you to achieve maximum added value with minimum complexity.

Operations Management Service Management
Guaranteed reaction time: 30 minutes
Proactive notification of available security updates
Dedicated contact persons in sales
Interference suppression in the event of faults in the infrastructure
Configuration changes can be ordered
Monitoring of supported services by the system administration (proactive monitoring)
Administration of the operating system and server services
Complete 24/7 administration in the form of operation, monitoring, fault clearance and maintenance

What advantages do Managed Services offer?

  • cost reduction
  • employees can focus on the core business
  • fast reaction to new requirements
  • always current applications
  • minimized administration effort
  • no time and cost-intensive build-up of know-how necessary
  • elimination of time-consuming routine tasks